Character Information
Debut: The Ultimate Fun Book! (1990)
Species: human
Gender: female
Family: Wenda (sister)
Woof (pet)

The back of The Magnificent Poster Book refers to Wenda as Wilma's twin sister.

Wilma was Waldo's girlfriend. She was a short-lived Waldo character, only appearing in two books (The Ultimate Fun Book and The Magnificent Poster Book). She was the original owner of Woof the dog.

Wilma is the twin sister of Wenda (who later replaced her as Where's Waldo's female character). The two appeared together in The Magnificent Poster Book. Wilma's wardrobe includes a red and white striped shirt, blue skirt, red and white striped stockings, glasses, and her red and white bobbled hat.

Like Waldo, Wilma wrote postcards. They were often to the reader or Waldo, and were sent with her own photo-stamp (similar to Waldo). She introduced herself in The Ultimate Fun book saying:

...My name is Wilma and from now on I'm going wherever you go. Just for fun, of course! Have you noticed me yet, have you spotted me in the crowd?...And have you met my dog Woof? Oh wow, actually where is he?...

Wilma first appeared in 1990 in Where's Waldo: The Ultimate Fun Book.

Waldo and Wilma


Waldo falls for Wilma in The Ultimate Fun Book, and the two express their feelings towards each other in their postcards. In one scene, a love struck Waldo is seen fainting after Wilma walks by (complete with a pink heart floating around his head). The back of the book introduces the character of Wilma saying "...and for the first time on the printed page...Waldo's girlfriend WILMA!"

Here are just a selection love messages found in their postcards:

"Everthing's going swimmingly well between Wilma and me..." - Waldo
"Incredible! Fantastic! Get this! Is it real? Badboom goes my heart at the thought of Wilma..." - Waldo
"There are no two ways about it, Mr. Waldo - you have changed my life in the most amazing fashion." - Wilma
"(And Waldo, I just thought of another name for you: Mr. Waldo Walking-Stick, Ha ha ha!)" - Wilma
"Well, Waldo, we're going on together now, you and me...and Woof." - Wilma

Wilma's Waldo Nicknames

Wilma would refer to Waldo with fun and joking names. These include:

  • Mr. Wonderful Waldo Wottastar
  • Mr. Waldo Wide-Eyes
  • Mr. Waldo Walking-Stick
  • Mr. Waldo Whizzband
  • Mr. Waldo Wotnext
  • Mr. Waldo One-Way
  • Mr. Waldo Whim-Wham
  • Mr. Waldo Whirligig
  • Mr. Waldo Wottastar


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