Where's Waldo Now!
Publication Information
Author Martin Handford
Illustrator Martin Handford
Published October 6, 1997
Publisher Candlewick Press
Pages 32
ISBN 0763603082
Scenes The Stone Age
The Riddle of the Pyramids
Fun and Games in Acient Rome
On Tour with the Vikings
The End of the Crusades
Once Upon a Saturday Morning
The Last Days of the Aztecs
Trouble in Old Japan
Being a Pirate
Having a Ball in Gaye Paree
The Gold Rush
The Future
Characters Waldo, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, Wenda, Odlaw and the Waldo Watchers
Objects Waldo's key, Wizard Whitebeard's scroll, Woof's bone, Wenda's camera, Odlaw's binoculars and Waldo's books
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Special Edition Find Waldo Now! (1988)

Where's Waldo Now? was a re-release of Find Waldo Now, the second Waldo book, issued in 1997. The special edition moved Waldo in each picture and added additional characters to find (Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, Wenda, Odlaw, and The Waldo Watchers). In each of the special edition books there is a "person who appears in every scene". In this book that person is a woman with curly blonde hair and a blue top.