Where's Waldo?: The Musical

Music by Matt Savarese Lyrics & Directed by Jeff Luppino-Esposito

The search is over. The Online Musical is proud to present the true tale of Waldo. Meet Wenda—Waldo's ex-lover, looking for her Waldo the one? Next up, Odlaw—Waldo's spiteful half-brother, looking for himself...does Waldo have the answer? Then there's Wizard Whitebeard—left behind when the student overcame the teacher...can Waldo stay hidden? Lastly there's a 1920's reporter...he just wants the scoop. But why all the secrets? Is Waldo hiding from us, or hiding from himself?

For your sing-along pleasure: LYRICS to Where's Waldo?: The Musical available at:

For your permanent sing-along pleasure: MP3 to Where's Waldo?: The Musical available on iTunes:

More Waldo Videos! Meet Odlaw: Stop Wizardry Now: Meet Cornelius "Scribbles" Hootenheimer: Waldo and Wenda Fan Video:

CREW Director: Jeff Luppino-Esposito Music Director: Matt Savarese Production Manager & Costume Designer: Anna McGrady Assistant Director: Ryan Campbell Sound Editors: Matt Savarese, Ryan Campbell Stage Managers: Anne Donnelly, Emma Volpe Crew: C.J. Whitaker

CAST Waldo: Mike Goldstein Wenda: Rachel Dady Odlaw: Gavin Rohrer Wizard Whitebeard: Matt Savarese Cornelius "Scribbles" Hootenheimer: Ryan Campbell

Wally Watcher 1: Happiness Chijioke Wally Watcher 2: Jenna Schilstra Wally Watcher 3: Reva Geier Wally Watcher 4: Anna Schneider Wally Watcher 5: Camille Loomis Wally Watcher 6: Emily Via Wally Watcher 7: Kate Gadzinski Wally Watcher 8: Kate Breimann Wally Watcher 9: Stephanie LeBolt Wally Watcher 10: Anne Donnelly

Woof/Chairman Mao: Jenn Arcilla Charmin' San Diego: Erin McDonald

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