The Spectacular Poster Book!
Publication Information
Author Martin Handford
Illustrator Martin Handford
Published November 2010
Publisher Candlewick Press
Pages 16
ISBN 9780763649326
Scenes The Jurassic Games
The Safari Park
The Nasty Nasties
The Battle of the Bands
The Pink Paradise Party
The Future
The Wild, Wild West
Characters Waldo, Wilma, Wenda, Woof, Odlaw, Wizard Whitebeard and the Waldo Watchers
Preceded by The Incredible Paper Chase (2009)
Followed by
Special Edition

Where's Waldo? The Spectacular Poster Book is an upcoming poster book, scheduled for release in 2010. The book features eight full art posters selected by Martin Handford; comprising of a scene from each of the seven classic Where's Waldo? books, plus one extra character poster of Waldo and his friends.


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