In 2009, TDC Games (, Inc rleased a full line of licensed Where's Waldo? jigsaw puzzles using the classic as well as the newer art of Martin Hanford. Included were 1000 pc, 300 pc and 24 pc big piece puzzles in 3D for children.

Jig-saw puzzles

American Puzzle Factory produced a series of Where's Waldo? jig-saw puzzles between 1989 and 1991. These ranged in size from 100 peices to 550 peices. These puzzles were releases of classic Waldo scenes from Where's Waldo?, Find Waldo Now and The Great Waldo Search.

Floor puzzles

American Puzzle Factory released several large-piece floor puzzles in 1991.

Wooden puzzles

Playskool released a collection of wooden puzzles in 1991.

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