The Where's Waldo? Party Pack was a party kit produced by Hallmark and released in 1991. The pack included activities, sickers and punch-outs to help plan and exicute a Waldo-themed party.

The 8-page kit featured masks, name tags, awards, games and other items, along with party activities and food ideas; and was designed with content for 8 people.

The pack included "Waldo Partyware Activity Cards" for each guest. The cards included checklists of things to find on the Where's Waldo? partyware items - cups, plates and table covers.


  • 8 Waldo (8-inch) masks
  • 8 punch-out Waldos and keys
  • 8 name tags
  • 8 ribbon award stickers
  • 8 Waldo stickers
  • 8 "Waldo Partyware Activity cards"
  • 16 miscellaneous punch outs
  • Additional party activity and food ideas

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