Two series of Wheres Waldo? neck ties were produced - one from Screter and another from Ralph Marlin. The ties, crafted in 100% microfiber, featured scenes from the various Waldo books.

Tie Prints


  • The Nasty Nasties
  • The Zoo
  • The Land of the Waldos
  • The Department Store
  • The Future
  • Gay Parade
  • Ski Slopes
  • Fighting Foresters
  • Military Paraede
  • Stone Age
  • Gold Rush
  • Safari Park
  • Japanese Battle
  • On The Beach
  • Sports Stadium

Ralph Marlin

  • Nasty Nasties
  • In the Fruit
  • In The Clocks
  • In The Band
  • At Sea
  • Waldo Diamond Repeat

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