Married... With Children was popular American sitcom about a dysfunctional family living in Chicago that lasted 11 seasons on the FOX network. The show follows the lives of Al Bundy; his wife, Peggy; and their two children - Kelly, their attractive, promiscuous, and dim-witted daughter; and Bud, their unpopular and intelligent son.

The episode "Get Outta Dodge" (originally aired February 20, 1994) featured a running subplot focused on the quest for Waldo. Throughout the episode Kelly (Christina Applegate), who doesn't quite understand that "Where's Waldo?" is just a puzzle book game, takes "Where's Waldo?" to be a real-world game and searches for the man described in the book throughout the neighborhood. She punctuated many scenes by roaming through calling out for Waldo, and in some instances asked others for assistance in her pursuit. In the closing scene of the episode, a man that dressed like Waldo is shown silently sitting at the kitchen table while the family reflects on the events of the episode's main plot.


Kelly comes in from the garage, holding a "Where's Waldo" book.
Kelly: (calling out) Waldo! (to bud) Okay, he's not in the garage, that much we know.
Bud: You just keep looking, Kel. You're doing a great job.
Kelly: I know, maybe he's upstairs.
Bud: Maybe so, maybe no. That's what makes finding Waldo such a great game.
Kelly: Well, he can run, but he can't hide, 'cause no one can outsmart me.

Kelly comes down the stairs holding the "Where's Waldo" book and walks over to Al.
Kelly: Daddy, I need your help. Listen, I'm hot on the trail of this weird guy named Waldo.
Kelly opens the book and shows it to Al.
Kelly: Have you seen him?
Al gives Kelly a long look and changes the subject.

The doorbell rings, Al opens the door to Kelly, who is holding the "Where's Waldo" book.
Kelly: Hi, I'm looking for a guy named Waldo.
Kelly notices that it's her father.
Kelly: Daddy! Oh boy, I thought this house looked familiar.
Kelly slaps her forehead. Al closes the door with despair.

Officer Dan starts to leave when Kelly and Bud come down the stairs. Kelly is holding the "Where's Waldo?" book.
Kelly: (to Officer Dan) Hold it!
Officer Dan halts. Kelly looks in the book and then at Dan's face, then at the book and then at Dan's face.
Kelly: Never mind.

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