Mamma Waldini is Waldo's mother. She is never actually shown, but she is referenced many times throughout the Where's Waldo television show. Her concoctions and creations often help get Waldo and Woof out of a problem.

In the first episode of the show, she is referred to as Mamma Waldalini. However, she is called Waldini throughout the rest of the series, from episode 2 onward.

Mamma Waldini's Homemade Products

  • Mamma Waldalini's spaghetti with extra garlic (01)
  • Mamma Waldini's dog food and stuffing mix (02)
  • Mamma Waldini's extra hot spicy chili with extra pepper chunks (03)
  • Mamma Waldini's extra hot spicy pepper sauce (03)
  • Mamma Waldini's extra dragon strength breath spray (06)
  • Mamma Waldini's under arm-arm-arm deodorant (09)

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