The Late Show with David Letterman is a weeknight comedy talk show hosted by David Letterman and broadcast by CBS. The show debuted on August 30, 1993.

Each night Letterman presents the daily "Top Ten" list. List topics are often inspired by current news and pop cultural events, with typical lists bearing titles such as "Top Ten Ways..." or "Top Ten Signs..." Many of the items on these lists have referenced the "Where's Waldo" books.

Top Ten Lists

  • Top Ten Complaints of the Biospherians (September 28, 1993)
4) They never found Waldo
  • Top Ten Chapter Titles in Dan Quayle's Book (May 05, 1994)
1) "The Year I Found Waldo"
  • Top Ten Signs Your Kid Isn't College Material (September 28, 1994)
1) They can't find Waldo.
  • George Bush's Top Ten Complaints About Dan Quayle's Book (August 01, 1994)
1) He couldn't find Waldo.
  • Top Ten Ways to Get Dumb Guys to Vote for You (November 07, 1994)
5) Promise to publish a "Where's Waldo" book in which the only thing on each page is Waldo.
  • Top Ten Signs Your Kid Is Addicted To Gambling (April 05, 1995)
6) They know the Vegas odds on where Waldo might be.
  • Top Ten Reasons Dan Quayle Dropped Out Of The Race (January 19, 1996)
8) He wants to devote more time to looking for Waldo.
  • Top Ten Greatest Books of All Time About Guys Named Steve (July 21, 1998)
4) "Where's Waldo? Is He With Steve?"

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