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My Left Fang 0004

Fang the vampire

My Left Fang 0003

Fang the human nerd

Fang is a young vampire from the Land of the Nasty Nasties. He is the featured character in the Where's Waldo? episode "My Left Fang". Fang is a nervous and nerdy vampire who does not want to grow-up to become a mean vampire; instead he wants to be human. Waldo, Woof and Fang go in search of a magic scroll that will help him change who he is.

“To change who you are you must be a good sport. Go under the moon and cavort with a wart.”
-The magic scroll

With the help of Honest Hesta the Witch, Fang is turned into a frog. Then with the kiss of a princess, he finally becomes human. The nerdy human and the princess live happily ever after, although Fang never got a chance to thank Waldo, before the striped-shirted man wandered off into the crowd.

Fang was voiced by Rob Paulsen.



Fang: Hey, look at these eyes. Look at these teeth. I’m a blood sucking disgusting vampire; and those are my good points.

Fang: I know how you feel, Woof. This place gives me the creeps, and I’m a vampire.

Waldo: Cheer up Fang, soon you’ll be as normal as I am.
Fang: Hey, don’t try to talk me out of it!

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