A series of six Where's Waldo? bendable action figures were produced by Mattel Toys in 1991 . The figures, each sold separately, featured different characters from the Waldo franchise with "clip and grip action" and assorted accessories.

Three figures were of the central recurring Waldo characters - Waldo, Wenda and Wizard Whitebeard. A Woof figure was included as an accessory with both the Waldo and Wenda figure. The remaining three figures were of distinguished characters from past Waldo adventures – namely the book Find Waldo Now. These figures included a Norseman (from "On Tour with the Vikings"), a crusader (from "The End of the Crusades") and a pirate (from "Being a Pirate").


  • Waldo and Woof with walking stick and shoulder bag
  • Wizard with staff and scroll
  • Wenda and Woof with umbrella
  • Norseman with shield and dagger
  • Crusader with shield and sword
  • Pirate with sword and rifle

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